Good dentistry is about one person and one person only: the one in the chair. At Dental Bar, we personalize more than your treatment—we personalize your experience. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or just a good read, our office is equipped to make sure every visit isn’t just the best, but your best.

Concierge Service

We make coming to the dentist feel just as good as leaving the dentist. And it starts right at check-in: Our receptionist makes a simple process even simpler, gathering your insurance, contact info, medical information and even a few personal comforts, including music tastes and drink of choice. Yep, you read that right.

Refreshment Bar

Why bury the lede any further? Yes, there’s a bar. And yes, we’re ready to take your order. Gourmet coffees, sparkling water, espressos, wines and champagnes await.

Ipad Bar

For just about everyone except dentists, the office is mobile. Our iPad Bar lets you stay in touch with work emails, catch up on news or binge-watch while the boss isn’t watching. Your call.

Comfort Focused ROOMS

Each space is a curation. Private, personalized and spacious, our rooms are as comfortable as it gets. No hoses, no daunting equipment, no daunting walls or latex scent. Just you, your dentist and your favorite music playing through the speakers. Simple and elegant treatment, from the comfort of the industry’s most relaxing chairs (seriously—look it up).



Get the full scoop any way you want it. Our consultation room is as calm, private and personalized as our treatment rooms.


Comfort has always been a top priority, but nothing comes before your health. That’s why our ready-made sterilization center guarantees a safe, sanitized process from start to finish. High quality instruments and autoclave sterilization give some added peace of mind to take home with your floss.


The dental chair can be an intimidating place. Trust us, we know the feeling. So if at any point you feel uneasy or anxious, just raise a hand. Our rooms are medically equipped with sedation options to help make your visit as pleasant as possible.


As a patient, you have the option of setting a text reminder with us. Instead of getting a call from the dentist (which we know no one ever likes), you’ll simply receive a quick text to remind you of your reservation.

dare for more

It’s your health. It’s your comfort. They’re worth your time. Come see us in person, and let’s talk about what’s next for your teeth. We’re ready whenever you are.


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625 Slaters Lane

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