Dr. Vitaliya Genieva and her husband were out at brunch in DC in a very industrial-looking restaurant that, from what we hear, had great music, awesome lighting, the whole nine yards. It was one of the best meals they ever shared. Afterward, she thought, “why can’t a dentist office feel like that too, why can’t we have the same vibe and have a little fun?” She shared her thoughts with her husband and he said “we should build our dental practice like that. A place where people can come and kick back, have a refreshment of their choice and be cared for by a staff that puts comfort first. A place where scary white coats are forbidden. A familiar place like the neighborhood bar, only we serve smiles.”

From that, Dental Bar was born in the beautiful city of Alexandria, Virginia. We believe that our patients deserve more than a traditional dental experience. An exceptional level of dental care is only the beginning of what we provide. To make each visit more enjoyable, all rules are off the table and all requests are welcome. Whether you want to relax and have a glass of wine or you want to jam out to your favorite band with a shot of espresso in hand, the choice is yours. This is a place where you can fully be yourself no matter what that means. By providing this unexpected experience, we remove barriers from our patients’ dental health, allowing them to receive the care they need and to smile like they never have before.


From cleanings to root canal therapy—and just about everything between. We offer comprehensive dental treatments including hygiene and cosmetic services as well as sedation options.


Comfort is where our treatment starts and finishes. We treat dentistry like an experience, not a chore.


We are who we are: a group of dedicated, fun-loving dental professionals who love not just what we do, but how we do it.

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It’s your health. It’s your comfort. They’re worth your time. Come see us in person, and let’s talk about what’s next for your teeth. We’re ready whenever you are.


99 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 505
Alexandria, VA 22314


Dental Bar

99 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 505

Alexandria, VA 22314

phone: 703.214.7748

fax: 571.210.0929



Monday - 10 AM - 7 PM

Tuesday - 8:15 AM - 4 PM

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